Biscuit cake with cream and condensed milk

Biscuit cake with cream and condensed milk

Numa de inventar resolvi misturar 3 receitas que vi de Cookie Cakes num só. Criei este Bolo de bolacha com natas e leite condensado com 3 camadas!!

Consegui então fazer este bolo de bolacha com natas completamente inventado, fui pesando em coisas novas à medida que ia fazendo o bolo e confesso que estava com medo que não ficasse bom… mas parece que afinal safei-me.


1 can of Condensed milk
3 pacotes de cream Cold
6 folhas de gelatina (acho que é um pacote)
Meia barra de Cooking Chocolate Pantagruel
2 colheres de sopa de Chocolate Powder Pantagruel
2 pacotes de bolachas Maria
Café acabado de fazer

Immerse the gelatine sheets in cold water.

Melt the chocolate On a sauce pan on a mild heat with the water covered (trick learned in the MasterChef:)) and let it cool down.

Take the gelatine sheets and with little water melt on a low heat, reserve and allow to cool.

Beat the 3 packages of cream Until they stay steady. Divide into 3 cups by leaving one with more quantity.

Keep the biggest in the fridge.

Mixing half the melted gelatin with the Condensed milk And then join one of the parts of Cream. Hit it well and keep it in the fridge.

In the cup of Cream left, mixing the Melted chocolate Which meanwhile has already cooled and hit well, join the Chocolate powder and reserve the fridge.

Once the mixture of the Condensed milk You get a little liquid, leave everything in the fridge until you gels a little bit.

You need to be careful not to leave too much time because then it gets very solid and it's hard to join the cake (that's what happened to me).

Do Strong coffee No sugar and let it cool down, then you'll undo the cookies.

On a dish start creating the various layers by alternating a cream with the Biscuits dipped in coffee.

I used a Cream Layer In the middle that maybe I shouldn't have put it because they got too soft (they had no Jell-O). In the end I think it turned out well because the cream mixes with the cookies despite the cake shot down a bit on one side, I think the idea will be to add some of the liquid Jell-O in the cream.

I made the layers by this order, a bit of the cream on the bottom, two layers of biscuits above, the Chocolate Cream, two layers of cookies, I made a layer of cream (the one that it shot down), two of cookies, then the layer of condensed milk, another one of cookies and I finished with the cream.

I decorated the cake with Peanut M&M's Undone and the flavor worked very well.

I made the cream layers always separated by 2 cookies, and not this cake does not take any sugar, which made me then think it would not be good, but ended up balancing the flavors because the layer of condensed milk gets sweet by the whole cake: D