Thermomix – Doubt

When I started using the Thermomix A series of very simple doubts arose that I decided to share on this page because it can help someone else:)

This page will be in constant updating following my experience.

Of the recipes that I have made originals of the Book of ThermomixFor my personal taste, they seem to me all too cooked, past, sauteed and too much sugar, so all the recipes that I have here may be based on some of the book or a recipe that has already done before but will always be altered to my taste and of course just what I have already tested.

Frequent doubts

  • How to make a saute in the Thermomix?

The base of a saute is always onion and garlic, you can add other things, like carrots, peppers, leeks (depending on the dish) or tomato – mince 5 Mon/vel.

Then add the olive oil and make a stir-fry 3 Min./vel. 1/100th.

  • How to wash the Thermomix Cup very dirty and full of stains?

A dishwasher, a pint of water 15 Min./vel. 4/ 100a.

Speed Index

  • Grated almond: 100g almond: 10 Mon/vel 8
  • Powdered sugar: 100g sugar: 15 Mon/vel 9
  • Cocoa powder: Black Chocolate: 10 Mon/vel 8
  • Coffee powder: 200g coffee Bean: 1 min/vel 9
  • Grated almond: 100g whole almond: 10 Mon/vel 8
  • Rice flour: 200g rice: 1 min/vel 10

If you have other doubts in the use of Thermomix that you can add in this list of Thermomix FAQs You can send a message that I will then add here.